01. Data Visualization & Information Design

02. Content Strategy & Design

03. Creative

04. Digital

05. Communication Design

06. Social Media

  1. 01. Data Visualization & Information Design

    Visualization creates understanding and facilitates clear communication. And it’s required in today’s overstimulating world of complex ideas, complicated structures, abstract strategies, massive data, and innovative ideas. Your brand needs to tell the truth—and data visualization leverages your data to build trust with your customers.

    At Smart Hive, we start with your data; through data mining, analysis, and ideation, we discover meaning and develop clear stories that marry imagery, data, and strategic thinking, all to create powerful yet simple tools for communications.

    Work with Smart Hive to:

    • Explore my data: data exploration, analysis, insights, opportunities
    • Explain my data: process maps, flows and decision trees, user flows, personas, UX
    • Report my data: infographics, diagrams/charts, digital storytelling and data journalism
    • Interact with my data: interactive, motion data visualizations

    If you have data, you have a story. Call us to help find that story and tell it in the most engaging way.

  2. 02. Content Strategy & Design

    Today’s brands are publishers, and content strategy, design, and creation is the best way to tell your brand’s story to your customers, consumers, and colleagues.

    We create new custom content designed to get attention and engage your audiences. Our background in branding, content strategy, storytelling, design thinking, and creative gives us a unique approach to telling your story.

    Work with Smart Hive to:

    • Find my content: content strategy, content auditing, and content mapping
    • Create new content: storytelling, idea generation, campaigns, writing, design, imagery
    • Share my content: shareable social media content—posts, pins, tweets
    • Move my content: video/motion treatments, scripts, storyboarding, animation, production

    Become a thought leader, publish relevant stories, and share your content online. Call us.


  3. 03. Creative

    Your brand can’t afford to be dull, dated, or boring. Customers and consumers always want new approaches, creative surprise, and something that shines amidst the monotony of the marketplace. We create exciting, engaging creative solutions that are on brand—and that bring out the best of what you offer and why you are in business.

    With Smart Hive, use creative to:

    • Solve my problem: design thinking, user experience, creative strategy, planning
    • Engage my audience: brand campaigns, advertising, promotions, events,
    • Create my experience: web, digital, mobile, social, retail, internal
    • Design my image: identity, literature, style guides, product design, trend

    We know that aesthetic, stylistic choices can make or break your brand. Rely on us to create what’s engaging for your brand.


  4. 04. Digital

    Your brand is online, and it’s searchable and shareable. We create digital experiences—websites, apps, social content, email, video/motion—that tell rich and engaging stories with data. Digital storytelling is one of the most exciting ways to build your brand today and we do it by starting with your data and determining how it can best support awareness and engagement for your brand.

    With Smart Hive, used digital to:

    • Get my data online: websites, landing pages, digital storytelling
    • Push my data on mobile: responsive web, apps, geo-location
    • Make my data social: content creation, curation, social promotions, community management
    • See my date cinematic: motion graphics, video, presentations

    The digital landscape is multichannel and multiscreen. We think your brand and your data has a place in all of it.


  5. 05. Communication Design

    Data visualization and content creation are two of the hottest, most effective ways for organizations to better communicate their brands and build brand awareness. With them we help brands communicate complex ideas, abstract strategies, complicated structures and processes, or new products and services through relevant content that leverages creativity. But they require engaging communications.

    With Smart Hive, use communication design to:

    • Clarify my brand: branding, brand strategy, key messages, positioning, identity design
    • Communicate my brand: brand storytelling, editorial content, marketing communications
    • Share my brand: creative social media content—posts, tweets, pins
    • Visualize my brand: visual storytelling, storyboarding, video/motion

    Communicate your brand with the best possible positioning, creative strategy, messaging and design.

  6. 06. Social Media

    Our focus on leveraging data visualization, content strategy, and design builds your brand in relevant social spaces so it communicates clearly and builds awareness. Nothing is more shareable, likable, or viral than the truth when it is presented in engaging, relevant, and interactive ways.

    We can help you tell your data story:

    • Like my data: infographics, data stories, content creation
    • Share my story: content curation, community management, social media
    • Find my community: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, blogs

    Today’s data is social. Brands that are proactive and engage their customers with data build credibility and affinity.

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