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Why you need a creative strategy

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Creative strategy is elusive. Unlike a marketing strategy or a communications strategy, your vision and plan for producing outstanding creative work can not follow a canned approach. The nature of creative strategy is to go into the unknown and return with something that is original and moving. And it is very dependent upon the people involved.

One of the reasons creative strategy is so hard is that ultimately you can not control the end result. The goals themselves are often both specific and broad, which is why creativity is required. Read More

The Cost of Failure of the Equal Rights Amendment — Infographic

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Failure of the Equal Rights Amendment

When Phyllis Schlafly died recently, many obituaries remembered her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The amendment stated that the rights guaranteed Constitution apply equally to all persons regardless of their sex. Schlafly was able to evoke fear of changes to the draft, single-sex restrooms and child custody laws to Read More

Three Legacies. Six Programs.

Three Legacies. Six Programs.

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The ways texts are adopted and adapted by different organizations fascinates me, especially texts that are essential to the members of the groups. Exegesis, the critical explanation, and interpretation of a text, is one way to examine how key texts differ by organization or use. I did a fair bit of biblical exegesis at Yale and it was fascinating to look at how canonical texts evolve over time, by denomination or translation. I used wanted to use some of the same methods to look a contemporary set of spiritual texts, the Three Legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous and how they have evolved when adopted by other Twelve Step programs. Read More

2014 best of lists

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I love BEST OF lists. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite 2014 Best of Lists, updated periodically.

INST-INT opening


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This was the first year I attended INST-INT and I was impressed with the caliber of the presentations, the feeling of community and the amazing, innovative work shown. INST-INT 2014 was a wonderful combination of the best installation, environment and immersive experience design with a focus on how it works (and when it doesn’t work), who gets involved, and how can we collaborate together. (At least 4 speakers asked for collaborators while on stage.)

It was an amazingly relaxed, collegial vibe with everyone feeling both inspired and in awe of the work shown, the efforts put forth and the multi-disciplinary talents of the speakers. Getting off the screen and into the world around us was the goal and the Read More

National Park Acreage

National Parks acreage and visits visualization

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I was very inspired by the PBS documentary on the National Parks, America’s Best Idea. To understanding the extensive system of U.S. National Parks I used information from the National Parks Service and Google Fusion to create these maps of the U.S. National Parks acreage and visits.

Comparatively, the sheer size of Alaska and its national park lands (over 54 million acres) dwarfs that of the other 49 states. Hence using color to differentiate different quantities was difficult because Alaska is such an outlier. I ended up increasing the color scale so I had a wider range of values to better show scale. This Read More

3D world cup data vis ball

World Cup 3D Data Visualization

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When I am talking about data, design and math all coming together in amazing ways to create data visualizations, this is what I am talking about. Check out this amazing 3D data visualization and the process to create it on Visual Loop. 

3D World Cup Dataviz Ball, by Times of Oman

While I love the data visualization itself, the process to create it is what is most insightful. Here we see the designer’s thought process, sketches, paths-not-taken and just how much data needed to be managed to create the end result. It takes a special combination of brain power and creativity to pull it all together into one accurate, engaging visualization. And we can see how many ideas and options are possible once the data is available to play with. I really admire this piece and I don’t even really care about soccer/football.