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Carla Januska

Carla Januska is the founder and chief creative officer of Smart Hive. She is a creative strategist, director and designer focused on creating visualizations that communicate to and engage. She uses data visualization, information design, graphic design, UX, illustration and code to better tell the stories that brands and organizations ought to communicate. Visualization is the number one way we show our audiences who we are and what we do and Carla has over 20 years of experience bringing brands to life with visualization and design.

Carla is a firm believer in consistent, creative visualization of brands across multiple channels to demand attention and respect. Carla has been building strong brand touchpoints for brands a large as Post-it and GE and smaller, local brands such as Tubman and Lucia’s. Because she brings clarity and creativity to all of her clients’ marketing challenges, she provides solid solutions that meet the intangible yet critical needs of brand communication and marketing.

Carla supports businesses and organizations with complex brand and communications problems to solve and she seeks opportunities to leverage data and information through visualization to create new content, build brands and increase communication. Her background and interests include data visualization, information design, infographics/process mapping, ideation, creative strategy, creative leadership, design management, brand strategy, brand identity, brand communications, content creation, social media engagement, UX/UI design and creative code.

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